Ricardo Cidra Translations

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Ricardo Cidra

Professional English/spanish - Portuguese Translator

What you expect from the translation of your content is the delivery of your message in an accurate and natural manner to your target audience.


A tourism and travel text must be creative in order to draw people’s attention and potential clients, and nothing is worse than having a creative text built through marketing strategies ruined by flaws and unnaturalness within your translated copy.


The same applies to your website – you surely won’t attract Portuguese speaking customers with a dull text containing grammatical errors.


If you need a translation of a political article for your blog or newspaper, you will expect the copy to be accurate and in an adequate register. Besides professional translation skills, the translator should have an up-to-date knowledge of today’s and yesterday’s political affairs.


Whether you need a more idiomatic text to reach your young audience or a formal one to comply with the expectations of your target readership, only a professional translator with the necessary academic background, experience, resources and, most importantly, who is a Portuguese native speaker, can produce a natural and accurate translation that meets your needs.


That’s where I step in.


As an English- Portuguese translation graduate, for over 8 years I have been providing translations for different agencies, businesses and individuals in the fields of web content localisation, human resources, tourism and travel, market research, politics and social services. I have also been working with different tools, from Microsoft Word and Excel to translation platforms such as SDL Trados Studio, Ascribe and Smartling.


If you expect a natural-sounding translation with high proficiency in grammar, then you have arrived at the right place.


Accurate and effective translations for your target readership