Translation - Have your translation accurate to your original text, free of grammatical and syntactical errors, while sounding natural in Portuguese and meeting the expectations of your target audience.

I can also help you grow your company by providing creative translations for marketing purposes, slogans, websites and product descriptions.



Editing - If you wonder whether your translation is accurate, consistent, natural, flawless and with the appropriate register and style for the target audience, request an editing expert to review and improve your text’s consistency, fluidity, structure and eliminate any errors it might contain.



Proofreading - After having your text translated and edited, it should have the last opportunity to be checked before being launched in your publicity campaign, sent to the authorities or published on your website or blog. This last stage of editing consists of identifying and fixing the slightest typo, grammar, spelling and syntactical error in your Portuguese text.


Ricardo Cidra Translations

If you need any of the above services, contact me and I will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote. However, if you need a translation, editing or proofreading service in a field that is not listed on this website, please get in touch and we will discuss whether it is feasible for me to undertake your project.








Expand your business and revenue in one of the world’s main languages, with over 200 million speakers and with Brazil as the 5th largest country and 8th main economy in the world. Click here for more information of the importance of Portuguese language.


Rio is famous for hosting major international events, such as the Rio 2016 Olympics and the 2014 FIFA World Cup, generating numerous lucrative and profitable opportunities. Whether you need to make your product visible in Brazil or if your business is involved with hotels and tourism, there is nothing better than having your text or slogan translated by a Professional Portuguese Translator native of Rio de Janeiro.

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